Unfortunately, it has been for a long time that one may not trust an individual's word anymore. Parties to an agreement are required to foresee the bases and implications of any and all businesses. Preventive law practice looms out in this context, which by materializing itself in the drafting of contracts, aims at reducing, to the possible extent, the need to engage a third party - the Judiciary Branch – to manifest on the controversies arising out of the interpretation of agreements entered into.

    In this respect, our office's concern is to know in full the operations our clients conduct, aiming at foreseeing and including into drafted agreements any and all situation that may result from the business, as well as its consequence for the parties.

    The preventive area may also take place under the consultancy aspect. Many times, a client is in need to know whether it is or not advantageous to file a legal action or which would be the consequences of terminating the employment of a given employee, among many other issues. We prepare legal opinions, backed by solid rationale, to provide for such requirements, in order that our clients are able to take the stance we indicate.

    Otherwise, the number of legal demands is growing, whereby it is necessary for one to know all procedures required to optimize one's work with Courts of Law. We have in this respect a large practice experience in civil, labor, trade law, and tax cases.



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