The structure of HABIB & PINHEIRO ASSOCIATE ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW in the Sanitation Surveillance área comprises a legal team of counsels specializing in Sanitation Law issues and experts in regulatory matters with the Federal Government. HABIB & PINHEIRO has been providing advice for over 60 years to companies for registration of their products and operation permits. We are proud to say that our expertise in Sanitation Surveillance throughout this long period make us qualified to render services to any domestic or multinational company.

    We deal in the enrollment of companies and registration of products by the filling in of application forms, preparation of proceedings, filing of registration applications, and further mendments, compliance with any legal formalities and requirements, and speeding up the study of proceedings trough and ongoing followup work. Besides mastering all procedures appertaining to the registration of companies and products with the above-mentioned Public Agencies, we provide our clients with updated information on the legislation in force, upcoming new determinations, and controversial issues, trough the preparation of opinions on the Sanitation subject.

    We inform further that, in respect of administrative procedures with the state and federal police instrumentalities, as well as the Ministry of the Army, as a result of the use and trade of products and substances under control of those institutions, we provide services of analysis, preparation, and filing of proceedings, as well as advice on relevant legislation . It should be underscored that we also keep our clients fully update on amendments to legislation in that respect.

    Nowadays, public authorities have a major concern in respect of environment. In face of such reality, the rules warranting a sustainable environment stopped being mere programmatic rules to be actually put into practice. This situation remorselessly leads to a number of obligations for companies that, either directly or indirectly, interact with environment. Therefore, having in sight such complex legal relation, this Office assembled a team of lawyers specializing in the theme, to warrant the quality of the environmental licensing service, as well as incidental procedures.



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